Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you ever wanted to know about shipping luggage worldwide!

Rates and Booking


How does the service work?

Luggage Forward provides a guaranteed door-to-door luggage and sports equipment delivery service, allowing clients to save the time and hassle of carrying and checking bags at the airport. Luggage Forward services every zip code in the United States and more than 200 countries and territories across the globe.

How much does it cost to send my luggage ahead?

Luggage Forward has pioneered method of combining both weight and size to create simple luggage categories, making it easy to generate pricing on our website without knowing the exact weight or dimensions of your luggage. Pricing is determined based on 1) the origin and destination, 2) the number any type of bags you are sending, and 3) how quickly you would like them delivered.

How far in advance of my trip should I book?

We recommend booking at least one week prior to your trip, so you can choose from all of Luggage Forward’s different services and price points.  We can arrange a pickup the same day that you book in most areas.  If you like to plan ahead, we accept bookings up to 180 days prior to pickup, which is the best way to lock in current rates.

Is my luggage guaranteed to arrive on-time?

Yes, Luggage Forward provides the only on-time guarantee of its type.  In the rare case that your luggage arrives after the guaranteed delivery date, Luggage Forward will refund the shipping charge for any item that arrives late as well as reimburse you for any expenses directly related to the delay up to an amount of $500 per bag.  Learn more about our guarantee, or visit our Terms of Service.


Packing and Preparation

Does my luggage need to be boxed or packaged in any way?

No. One of the advantages of using Luggage Forward is that your soft and hard sided luggage can be shipped as is.  You can pack your luggage as you normally would for airline travel, no additional packaging is necessary. However, sporting equipment and other non-luggage should have adequate padding around any fragile or precision parts to ensure that they are protected during transit.

Are there any items that I can’t send?

Yes, any hazardous or dangerous commodities are prohibited from all Luggage Forward shipments.  For shipments traveling between two countries, there may be additional items that are restricted by Customs on a country-specific basis.  Upon booking, you will be provided with a list of common items that are disallowed.  If you have questions, please contact one of our Forwarding Specialists  or see our Terms of Service.


Pickup and Delivery

Where do you pickup my luggage?

We provide a door-to-door luggage shipping service, so we can arrange a pickup from any home, office, hotel, cruise ship or golf course.

Do I need to be home for pickup?

You do not need to be present for pickup and most clients simply leave their luggage with a doorman or in a predetermined location at their residence. Our standard pickup options include two or four hour windows depending on the service you book.  If you require pickup at a specific time of day not accommodated by one of the available pickup windows, we offer a Precise Pickup option in most locations.  This allows you to choose a specific pickup time that is convenient for you and has an additional charge of $45.

How do my bags get to their destination?

Luggage Forward has developed preferred relationships with closely with a network of global, regional, and local logistics partners. Our proprietary system automatically determines the best forwarding method during the booking process based on factors such as cost and reliability. This model allows Luggage Forward to leverage a comprehensive set of shipping networks to their respective strengths.

What delivery date should I choose?

We recommend having your bags delivered the day before you plan to arrive at your destination.  This way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your bags have been delivered, even before you board your flight.  Also, all deliveries are guaranteed by end of day, so if even if you plan to arrive in the morning, your bags will already be at your destination.  During the winter months, shipments can be impacted by unforeseen severe weather events, which can cause delays that are not covered by Luggage Forward’s on-time guarantee.  As a proactive measure, we recommend clients schedule the delivery of their bags 2 days prior to arrival.

Do you pickup or deliver to cruise ships?

Yes, we provide service to virtually all cruise ports as well as river cruises worldwide. Our cruise delivery service includes delivering luggage on-board your cruise ship, where it will then be delivered to you stateroom by the ship staff.  Rates for delivery to and pickup from cruise ships may be slightly higher than service to or from a physical address due to the cost of accessing the secure port area. Therefore, some clients choose to have luggage delivered to or from a hotel in the port city if they have a pre-cruise or post-cruise stay planned.


Transit and Tracking

How long does it take for my bags to be delivered?

The door-to-door transit time will depend on the service that you select when booking.  For shipments within the United States, we offer up to five guaranteed services that range from overnight to seven business days from pickup to delivery.  For shipments traveling outside of the United States, we offer up to two services and the door-to-door transit time will depend on the origin and destination country combination.  All transit times are guaranteed and displayed clearly during the booking process.

Do I need to fill out customs paperwork for international shipments?

No.  One of the benefits of using Luggage Forward is that our international shipping expertise is included in the price.  Our team of international shipping specialists will identify, complete and submit all of the current country-specific customs forms required to clear your bags through customs quickly and predictably.


Luggage Forward

Luggage Forward is the most trusted door-to-door luggage delivery service. Shipping luggage ahead to your destination creates a true luxury travel experience. Luggage Forward can send luggage to your hotel, cruise ship, golf course or vacation home within the United States, Europe, Asia, South America, Australia or virtually any other destination. Sending luggage allows you to save time at the airport by avoiding the long check-in lines and skipping the wait at the baggage carousel. Luggage Forward offers a wide range of services to fit the needs of demanding travel schedules including luggage pickup and delivery to any cruise ship. Stop carrying heavy, bulky luggage, golf clubs or skis to and from the airport when you travel. Experience total travel convenience from Doorstep To Destination™ with our luggage shipping service.