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Shipping Luggage Is Convenient, Secure, and Reliable

Luggage Forward’s door-to-door luggage shipping service is easy, safe, and guaranteed to arrive on time. You can breeze through the airport when you ship luggage to your hotel, cruise line, golf course, residence, or office where it will be awaiting your arrival. Luggage shipping provides total travel convenience.


Pack as much as you want and choose from up to five shipping speeds.


Our low rates save you up to 50% compared to other shippers.


Door-to-door service eliminates the hassle of carrying and checking bags.


Every bag is guaranteed to arrive on time, or you get a refund plus $500!

Skip the Wait at Baggage Claim

Ship Luggage Internationally

Luggage Forward has more than a decade of experience as the premier door-to-door, international luggage shipping service. We ship luggage overseas to more than 200 countries worldwide. And we stand behind every bag we ship with the world’s first full money-back PLUS $500 on-time guarantee.

Luggage Forward

Luggage Forward is the most trusted door-to-door luggage delivery service. Shipping luggage ahead to your destination creates a true luxury travel experience. Luggage Forward can send luggage to your hotel, cruise ship, golf course, or vacation home within the United States, Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, or virtually any other destination. Sending luggage allows you to save time at the airport by avoiding the long check-in lines and skipping the wait at the baggage carousel. Luggage Forward offers a wide range of services to fit the needs of demanding travel schedules including luggage pickup and delivery to any cruise ship. Stop carrying heavy, bulky luggage, golf clubs, or skis to and from the airport when you travel. Experience total travel convenience from Doorstep To Destination™ with our luggage shipping service.