Luggage Forward’s Values

We're trying to change the way the world travels - one suitcase at a time.

Since 2005, Luggage Forward has been obsessively pursuing the goal of a re-engineered, re-imagined travel experience.  We have intense passion for our work and care deeply about the service that we deliver to our clients.  Along the way, we found some time to write down the principles that guide us each and every day:

Our Vision

To make forwarding luggage part of every trip so that travelers can enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Our Mission

To improve the travel experience by providing the most reliable, client-friendly, and affordable door-to-door luggage delivery solution available worldwide for travelers who value service.

Our Values

Deliver Positive Travel Experiences

We know that traveling is stressful; we exist to make every trip a little more enjoyable. We strive to exceed expectation by treating our clients’ luggage like it is our own. We rely on our experience and expertise to proactively ensure that every trip is made easier by Luggage Forward.

Earn Lasting Client Loyalty

We realize that any company can get a client one time, but it takes a special company to keep a client for life. Our goal is to have more loyal clients tomorrow than we had yesterday; that is why our entire team is empowered to make the right decisions for our clients – because that is the right decision for Luggage Forward. We show great appreciation for our clients’ loyalty and the role it plays in our success.

Communicate Proactively and Honestly

We do our best to anticipate, prevent and overcome issues that might impact a client’s travel experience. We clearly communicate our commitment to clients and stand behind our service 100% – without exception. We don’t make excuses, we solve problems. We are responsive to clients’ needs and do everything in our power to make sure every interaction with us is enjoyable.

Pursue Excellence

We strive for operational excellence and realize that there is always room for improvement in everything we do. In order to maintain a leadership position, we continuously strive to improve efficiency and incorporate client feedback in order to develop better ways to do things.

Foster Growth and Learning

Our employees are at the core of our growth and success. In order for Luggage Forward to continue to grow, so too must each and every employee. We embrace change as a natural part of forward progress and we take time to learn from our mistakes. We foster an environment where personal and professional growth is part of the everyday routine.

Be Humble and Honest

We strive to do the right thing and we take responsibility for our actions. We treat our clients, our peers, our business partners, and even our competitors with the utmost respect. We prefer to have our actions, and our clients, do our talking for us.

Have Fun

We have a casual work environment but we are focused and take our business operations seriously. We know that if everyone enjoys their work they will do a better job – and our clients will feel the difference. We believe in working hard to get the job done, but we don’t think that work and fun are mutually exclusive.