Luggage Free vs Luggage Forward

Two luggage shipping companies provide different pricing and features. We compare luggage shipping services here.

Both Luggage Free and Luggage Forward have been providing door-to-door luggage delivery service for more than eight years. Being among the original luggage shipping companies, the two services are often compared. Though both ship luggage door-to-door, send luggage overseas and deliver luggage to cruise ships; there are some significant differences in the pricing models, service benefits and guarantees.

Compare luggage shipping service features.

Luggage Free®

Pricing Model

All inclusive rate

Luggage Forward has simple bag categories to choose from. The price you see up front is the total price you’ll pay.

Per pound, plus fees

Luggage Free charges per pound, adds pickup fee of $50 and reserves the right to assess fuel and other surcharges.

On-Time Guarantee

Refund plus $500

Every bag shipped with Luggage Forward anywhere in the world is guaranteed to arrive on time, or you will receive a full refund plus up to $500 of expense reimbursement.

Refund only

Luggage Free also has an on-time guarantee, which states “If we have not attempted to deliver your shipment on or before your scheduled delivery date, your shipment is done at no charge.”

Online Tracking

Real-time online, mobile tracking

You can track your bags sent with Luggage Forward 24/7 online or using a mobile device.

Not available

You must call Luggage Free to obtain tracking status of your luggage.

Best Price Assurance

Price match + $25

Luggage Forward will match the price of any comparable luggage shipping service, plus give you $25 toward a future shipment.


Luggage Free does not offer any type of price guarantee or price matching.

Luggage Shipping Rate Comparison

When comparing luggage shipping rates of Luggage Free vs Luggage Forward, it is important to take into account the specifics of what you are sending and where it is going. The below charts are a sample of pricing of Luggage Free vs Luggage Forward.

Domestic (United States) Price Comparison

50lb Suitcase from New York to Los Angeles, One-Way Rates, Updated October 1, 2014
Service Speed Luggage Forward Luggage Free
Next Day $219 $263 + $50 pickup fee = $313
Two Day $179 $225 + $50 pickup fee = $275
Three Day $119 $200 + $50 pickup fee = $250
Five Day $99 $110 + $50 pickup fee = $160
Seven Day $89 N/A

International Price Comparison

50lb Suitcase, One-Way Rates, Updated October 1, 2014
Orig. – Dest. Luggage Forward Luggage Free
USA – UK $264 $271 + $50 pickup fee = $321
USA – St. Barths $259 $271 + $50 pickup fee = $321
USA – New Zealand $339 $348 + $50 pickup fee = $398
Italy – USA $284 $309 + $50 pickup fee = $359
Japan – USA $264 $361 + $50 pickup fee = $411
All comparisons made using information published on each company’s website on October 1, 2014.