What people are saying about Luggage Forward on the small screen.

Traveling Light

March 27, 2016 | CNN
CNN examines how Luggage Forward is enabling people to travel light by sending luggage and sports equipment ahead, Read More

Shipping Your Luggage May Be an Easier Option When Travelling

February 5, 2016 | Western Mass News
Travelling can be a hassle…long airport security lines, luggage to check-in...and the very real chance those bags will end up getting lost in the shuffle. But as Western Mass News found, there's a relatively new way that promises to make your travel a whole lot easier. It's called ‘luggage shipping’ and it's the fastest growing industry in the travel business. The concept: Pack your bags, pick up the phone... and relax. Behind these doors... In this Boston office building could be the future of care-free travel... A company started in 2004 called 'Luggage Forward'. “The goal here is to simply pick up baggage and deliver it to their vacation destination across the globe,” said representative, Anna Bedney. Luggage Forward provides door to door shipping. From your door to just about any other door in the world. That could be a resort hotel, a cruise ship, a golf course, even an office if you're traveling for business. Read More

Travelers Shipping Baggage to Avoid Fees

August 10, 2010 | NBC 6 South Florida
Byron thinks he's got a solution: He started shipping his bikes and other luggage through a company that operates nationwide called Luggage Forward."They are very efficient," Byron said. "They deliever it to the address I give them and on the day I tell them. It is much easier than the airport." Read More

More Travelers Shipping Bags to Cut Costs

May 15, 2010 | ABC 2 News Baltimore
But there’s more than one shipping option. You can send your baggage first class. Luxury carriers, like Luggage Forward are doing it more now than ever. Columbia customer Lou Ann Brubaker tells ABC2, "Quite frankly, it's just effortless. I like the effortlessness of it." Read More

Send Luggage Fees Packing

January 29, 2010 | WXYZ Detroit
Zeke Adkins is with Luggage Forward and says shipping isn’t just for the luxury traveler. Even families have stopped dragging bags. Read More

How To Slide On Airline Luggage Fees

August 4, 2009 | CNN
a company like Luggage Forward can help you avoid the fees, but often, these options cost far more than what the airlines are charging. Then again, they're probably more reliable. An overnight delivery service is far less likely to lose your belongings. Read More