The Luggage Forward Affiliate Network

We provide a new source of commissions for travel agents and other affiliates

Earn Commissions by Referring Clients

Luggage Forward is continuously expanding its network of forward thinking travel agents and affiliates. These individuals or organizations universally understand and appreciate the value of offering their clients a better, more convenient travel experience. Luggage Forward is eager to share in the upside of these relationships by providing commissions to travel agents and other affiliates because it typically leads to more productive and longer lasting partnerships. Join today

How Much Can I Earn?

Baggage fees
As much as you want. Commissions start at 8% and our average booking is about $400 so you’ll be able to earn a meaningful commission from every referral. We’ve been told by other affiliates that the service simply sells itself so if you’re a travel agent all you need to do is offer it to your clients. Once someone uses our service, they almost never go back to traveling the old fashioned way. As the commissions roll in, you can view your progress on Luggage Forward’s affiliate dashboard.

How Does It Work?

Luggage Forward provides its affiliates with a suite of tools to help them promote the doorstep-to-destination luggage delivery service. These tools include web banner ads and links that can be directed to an individualized landing page for your clients. Affiliates also have access to Luggage Forward’s Onsite Booking App. Luggage Forward’s easy to use online pricing and booking systems make it easy for travel agents to have real time access to information critical to their clients while earning commissions for every booking.

How Do I Join?

You can join our growing network of thousands of Luggage Forward enthusiasts by creating an account online. We just need your name and email to set up your account. You can do as little or as much as you want to promote the service and Luggage Forward’s friendly staff is available to help if you need any support. It’s free, easy and it will put extra money in your pockets!
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