How to Ship a Laptop

You can ship a laptop safely and securely by following a few simple guidelines for packing and labeling.  Ensure your laptop arrives on time and in good condition by avoiding the damage and delays.  Damage can occur when a laptop is improperly boxed or insufficiently insured.    Delays occur when a laptop is shipped without proper documentation…

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Easy Laptop Shipping

The easy and affordable way to reliably ship your laptop

Luggage Forward has a proven process for shipping laptops and tablets. This shipping service provides a reliable alternative to checking your valuable laptop or tablet in your luggage at the airport. For travelers impacted by the TSA Laptop ban shipping may be the only reliable option for those business travelers who need a laptop at their destination.

The Airline Lost Your Luggage, What Next?

Follow these steps to make sure that your bag is located

An unfortunate reality of checking luggage on your flight is that it may not always show up at your destination airport when you do. This may not mean that it’s lost altogether, perhaps just delayed, but in either case it can be a major inconvenience. We’ve outlined the steps you should be sure to take as soon as you discover that your luggage is missing. Below, we’ve also included some helpful links and contact information for specific airlines, so you can easily know your rights and get in touch in the unfortunate case that your checked luggage is lost or delayed.

The Pain Points of Traveling and How to Minimize Them

As most frequent travelers know, jetting around the globe isn’t always as glamorous as armchair travelers may think it is. Flight delays, long travel times and lost hotel reservations can quickly zap much of the joy of visiting other parts of the world. While not all traveling pain points can be eliminated, anticipating potential issues and being prepared to take action can help to make your trip go much more smoothly.

6 Great Places to Cruise During the Fall Season

If you’re contemplating a getaway before all of the activity of the holiday season begins, you can’t go wrong choosing a cruise. Opting for this ultimate care-free vacation takes virtually all of the uncertainty out of sightseeing, dining and entertainment. One price covers not only your transportation and accommodations but also your meals and entertainment. You can make your trip even less stressful by shipping your luggage ahead to the cruise before your arrival.

5 Ways to Improve Your Cruise Experience

Autumn is a great season for cruising. The summer crowds have left most of the popular tourist destinations and cruise ships are starting their bi-annual migration between their summer waters (such as Alaska and the Mediterranean) and their winters homes (such as the Caribbean, Hawaii and South America.) This is also the season that cruise lines begin their round-the-world journeys. Even if you don’t have an extra 60, 90 or 180 days to spend on a cruise ship, you can get a taste of a “Grand Voyage” by booking a segment of a world cruise and seeing ports like Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney while enjoying the amenities and leisurely pace of a luxury cruise liner.

British Golf Vacation Tips

How to make the most of your first British golf vacation

A trip to Britain to play fabled courses like St. Andrews and Muirfield is on the bucket list of most serious American golfers. However, creating a memorable golf trip to England and Scotland requires a little more than just making plane and course reservations. To truly get the most out of your British golf vacation, it’s wise to do your homework and be prepared for the similarities AND the differences between American and British courses.

Shipping Luggage to Europe’s Best Fall Destinations

Autumn is a great time to visit Europe. The crowds of summer have returned home. The air is cool and crisp, and restaurants, museums, and attractions are back open again after the summer hiatus. The European countryside is especially lovely this time of year as residents harvest grapes, apples, lavender, and other crops, and the waning sunlight plays on churches, castles, and other structures.

Leaderboard: Worst Checked Golf Bag Mishaps

A ranking of the worst times for an airline to lose or delay a golf bag

A professional golfer showing up at a tournament without clubs is like bunkers without sand or caddies without a pin sheet. It isn’t going to end well. As anyone who has checked a golf bag on an airplane knows, sometimes it doesn’t show up on the other end as scheduled. We’ve ranked the worst disasters and near disasters resulting from a checked golf bag not showing up for big tournaments:

4 Things That Happen When You Ship Golf Clubs

Can you actually lower your score when you ship golf clubs ahead?

Have you always dreamed of taking a golf getaway to Hawaii, Florida, Scotland, Ireland, or virtually anywhere else in the world, but thought to yourself “that’s just too much effort.” Well, you shouldn’t feel that way anymore! Why? Because we can ship golf clubs directly to the course from your house. It’s so easy!