16 Signs You Are in a Constant State of Wanderlust

What is wanderlust?

First of all, many of you may be wondering, what is the meaning of wanderlust? Wanderlust is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. As we have over ten years of experience in the travel industry helping our clients ship luggage as well as ship golf clubsbikesskis and snowboards ahead all over the world, we know we are in a constant state of wanderlust. Are you?

How to tell you are in a constant state of wanderlust:

Below is a list of the 16 ways to know if you are always in a state of wanderlust too. If you do 8 or more of these things, welcome to the wanderlust family!

  1. You Google random countries throughout the day to learn more about their history, landmarks and culture.
  2. At least once a week, you go to Google Maps and click around and zoom in and out of different countries and towns to see the geography and what “Street Views” look like.
  3. You have other cities saved on your weather app because you want to know what the weather is like there every day.
  4. The second you get home from one vacation you are already thinking of the next place you want to go to.
  5. You don’t waste your money on unnecessary things because you would rather spend it on traveling.
  6. At least once a week, you check prices of flights for random locations so you know how much it would be if you went there.
  7. You search for a location’s farmers almanac of yearly weather averages and rainfall  so you know the best months to visit.
  8. You can’t wait to read travel articles every day from magazines such as Luxury Travel MagazineConde Nast TravelerNational Geographic TravelerLonely Planet and Travel + Leisure.
  9. You visit TripAdvisor at least once a week to see what you should do in whatever city or town pops into your mind that day.
  10. You have a running list of all the countries, towns, and places you want to go to and experience and the list never gets any smaller.
  11. When you day dream, you think of going on vacation.
  12. Your home is filled with things that inspire you to travel, whether it is travel coffee table books, a globe, AAAguidebooks, or pictures.
  13. You have a translator app on your phone as well as numerous travel apps that provide you with travel advisories, guides, etc.
  14. You love travel agents because you know they can help you explore places conveniently and easily.
  15. You are a member of travel companies such as AAA or >Virtuoso.
  16. You don’t just want to experience other countries’ cultures, but all the different cultures in your own country too.

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