2014 Travel: The 7 Things We Learned

2014 was a big year in travel. Many previously unknown destinations became the go-to spots, there were plenty of hotel and restaurant grand openings as well as mergers and acquisitions.  To commemorate a great year, we want to wrap up this year of luggage shipments and travel and share the 5 things we learned about 2014 travel – specifically in the luggage shipping industry.

We spent a lot of time scouring our client data and found the most interesting delivery insights of 2014. This is just a peak into life at Luggage Forward.

  • Our clients would go far to find the best slopes and powder.

    Although our most popular ski shipments are to the Rockies or the Alps, we shipped skis to a remote hotel at the El Plomo foothills of the Andes Mountains in Chile. Can you imagine skiing that mountain? We would love to try!

  • Europe was the place to visit in 2014.

    We shipped thousands of pieces of luggage to Europe with the most common countries being the UK, Italy, and Spain. What were your favorite things you did while you were there?

  • We saved travelers 20,000 hours at the airport and baggage claim.

    That’s close to 834 days- almost 2.3 years! What did travelers do with those hours? They went exploring and did more while they were on vacation. You can get more time on vacation when you ship luggage too.

  • The tourism board of Scotland must love us.

    This year we shipped thousands of golf clubs to popular courses like Turnberry, St. Andrews and the Royal Dornoch. Scotland is the birthplace of golf so we can imagine how spectacular it is to golf there and how much history these courses hold.

  • Cruises are getting even more popular. 

    We collected more than 5,000 pieces of luggage from a cruise ship to a hotel in one day in Fort Lauderdale. In just one day! We ship luggage to hundreds of ports in more than two hundred countries around the world so you can imagine how much luggage we shipped to cruises in 2014.

  • More businesses should consider luggage shipping

    It makes business travel and company getaways much more convenient. For example, we sent an entire companies luggage to the Cayman Island and back. Now, that’s a nice employer!

  • We made the holidays better all over the world.

    Instead of gifts arriving late or getting lost with your bags by the airlines, we shipped more than 2,000 pieces of luggage filled with gifts to family and friends all over the world. Instead of worrying, travelers all across the world were at ease knowing their gifts were in our reliable hands.

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