4 Things That Happen When You Ship Golf Clubs

Have you always dreamed of taking a golf getaway to Hawaii, Florida, Scotland, Ireland, or virtually anywhere else in the world, but thought to yourself “that’s just too much effort.” Well, you shouldn’t feel that way anymore! Why? Because we can ship golf clubs directly to the course from your house. It’s so easy!

  • You can rent the car you want!

    Always wanted to rent a convertible, a small sports car or a Mini Cooper? Often times when you are taking a golf trip, you have to rent the biggest car or van possible just to fit your clubs in the trunk or back seat (and don’t forget your bulky luggage!). However, when you ship golf clubs ahead to the course, you travel light and therefore pick the car you have always wanted to drive on vacation – which is usually the car you can’t drive at home.

  • No lost golf clubs

    You don’t have to worry about the airlines losing your clubs! Clubs are hundreds if not thousands of dollars, don’t leave their fate up to the airlines. Ship golf clubs with us and know you are getting a reliable service that also includes value protection.

  • No lugging heavy golf bags

    Remember when you used to have to haul a backpack, a check-in bag and your clubs through the airport and to the hotel? In the morning you would wake up with sore muscles from trying to juggle everything and from sitting on an uncomfortable plane for hours. Well, this will be a thing of the past. When you ship golf clubs and luggage ahead, you can travel lightly and in the morning wake up feeling refreshed and ready for tee-time. Your body and muscles will be relaxed and you will be able to play better.

  • You will bring you’re A-game

    When you use your personal clubs, you play better than with rentals right? We definitely play better with personal clubs. Even when you are playing golf on vacation, you want to play your best. That’s why you should ship golf clubs to the course – you will always bring your A-game.

We can pick golf clubs up at your home or office and deliver them directly to the golf course in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. We fill out and submit all Customs documentation for you. We also have value protection and the best on-time guarantee in the industry. Along with these benefits there are even more you never realized that would happen when you ship golf clubs ahead.

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