4 Things That Happen When Shipping Luggage Internationally

Traveling internationally is growing in popularity. Families, couples, solo travelers and everyone in between are booking flights and vacations to foreign locales. Many of these travelers are realizing that traveling with luggage is unnecessary and many times, a burden. When you stop traveling with luggage you will find that your vacation gets infinitely better. “How do you travel without any luggage?” you ask. The answer: shipping luggage internationally to your destination! By doing this, your luggage will be awaiting your arrival at your hotel, cruise ship, rental property, home exchange or house. Here are 4 things that happen when you ship luggage internationally:

  • You feel better physically.

    Instead of hauling heavy bags from your home to the car/taxi/public transportation, from the car to the check-in line at the airport and then from the baggage claim to the car/taxi and then to your hotel, you can bypass this entire process. We will do the heavy lifting for you and pick up your luggage at your home and deliver it directly to your hotel, cruise ship, rental home, etc. Your shoulders and back won’t hurt and you can start and end your vacation feeling better. Although a spa day won’t be needed to get the aches and pains out of your back, we understand if you need a spa day to take the stress away from the other aspects of your life! Along with this, if you are taking a cruise and want to spend some time at your disembarkation city before your flight, but a local hotel won’t hold your bag, ship luggage home and continue exploring!

  • You gain back time. 

    Two hours per vacation to be exact. When you ship luggage internationally, you can avoid standing in long check-in lines as well as the baggage claim. When you land, you can walk off of your flight and head directly to a tour, restaurant, spa, beach or other local attractions. Doesn’t that sound nice? We think so!

  • You stop worrying about lost luggage.

    Airlines lost or mishandled 21.8 million bags last year…that’s not very comforting. When you ship luggage internationally, our internal team will track your shipment the entire way and notify you when it has been picked up and delivered. We also handle all Customs documentation for you to ensure speedy and accurate delivery. It is a reliable solution and we have the highest caliber guarantee in the industry.

  • You  save money.

    Often times, shipping luggage internationally is less expensive than checking numerous bags or overweight bags. In terms of how convenient it is to ship luggage internationally versus checking it or carrying it, that is priceless.

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