5 Luxury Cruise Ideas for 2018

A floating five-star hotel gliding from port to port; for explorers wanting to go in comfort, a cruise can deliver an impeccable experience. Send your bags with Luggage Forward and get ready to embrace the seven seas with these 2018 cruise lines to watch…

  • Viking – For Astrological Adventures

    A relative newcomer on the scene, but a cruise company that knows how to make waves, the future is bright for Viking. From 2018 Viking are beautifully blending their river and ocean cruises, allowing passengers to hop from the award-winning Viking Longship to the Viking Sun as part of a 15-day expedition to glide from London to Bergen beneath the murmur of the Northern Lights.

    2018 also sees the debut of the Viking Orion. The poetically named ship will have a former NASA astronaut as its godmother and is expected to hold the same elegant Scandinavian design as her sisters.

    Viking has always been hailed as the cultural alternative to floating casinos. The brand is spreading out and 10 new ocean itineraries have been pieced together for 2017/2018. From the trade routes of the Middle East to the Caribbean meets the Amazon, life aboard Viking just got very exciting.

  • Seabourn – For Lavish New Launches

    Scientists, scholars and naturalists are behind the scene at Seabourn, making them a great choice for travelers wanting intellectual adventures. Next year, they will add a new ship to their fleet – Seabourn Ovation. This ship is set to launch in the spring and will be one the youngest and most deluxe ship in the industry to sail at such high tonnage. Expect super luxury at sea with an extra deck, holistic spa and wellness center from Dr. Andrew Weil, private yacht inspired décor, and visionary suites.

    While the Ovation will set sail for the warmer waters of Thailand, the Seabourn Sojourn is setting its sights on Alaska. The 12-day wellness cruise will take passengers from Vancouver right up to the Seward, passing silent landscapes of snow, ice and groaning glaciers.

  • Windstar – For Icy Splendor

    Those who adore the idea of cruising without the crowds will find Windstar a compelling country. The small luxury ships bring a personal approach to the idea of setting sail for far flung pastures. In 2018 the company announced their return to Alaska, inviting guests to discover the icy straits, misty fjords, and whale song of America’s final frontier.

    Keeping in the spirit of cold places, the intrepid company are also heading for the wonders of the Arctic Circle. Starting and finishing in fairytale Copenhagen, the Arctic Circle and North Cape Escape tour will stop at all the Norwegian favorites before heading to the northernmost tip of Honningsvad.

    Those who prefer warmer pastures can head for the candy colors of the Caribbean, Europe’s trendy ports and the mysteries of the Panama Canal as part of the 2018 itinerary collection. Emphasis is always on cultural exchange and small local travel.

  • MSC – For Bucket List Beauty

    A major player in the cruise world, MSC have been exploring the high seas for 300 years. Ships are tip top, like floating worlds. With three new ships in the pipeline, the latest offering will see multi-decked oasis’s with multi story aqua parks, theaters and bowling.

    The Mediterranean is their specialty, but the company don’t fall short when it comes to far flung destinations. Starting next October MSC are also offering guests the rare opportunity to stay on their own Caribbean island. The MSC reserve has just short of 4km of pristine private beach, untapped coves, and even a traditional Bahamian town – reserved solely for cruise passengers. The company also boast an exclusive around the world trip coming in 2020, 43 destinations, 23 countries – this is what bucket lists were made for.

  • Azamara – For Spectacular New Ships

    Boutique bounty on the seas is what you can expect when you select to set sail with Azamara. Immersive destination experiences and an intimate setting bring a refreshing rarity to the cruise scene.

    Three stunning ships, including the latest addition – the Azamara Pursuit capture the very essence of a drifting boutique hotel. The Azamara Pursuit will take her virgin journey from Spain to England, inviting guests on a 10-day tour laced with food and flamenco, before heading out on a 15-day voyage to Iceland. The design calls upon inspiration from the four elements of nature, and features include tapas bars, glass dance floors, and sanctuary style spas.

    The rest of Azamara’s 2018 calendar is also looking spectacular with World War II themed voyages from London to Lisbon, intensive adventures around Cuba, and voyages to capture the speed of the Grand Prix.

Cruises are one of travels’ most booming industries– they deliver a bounty of variety for those who get tired gazing at the same scene. With restaurants, spas, beautiful cabins, swimming pools, live entertainment and plenty of step ashore stops – cruising is the future.

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