African Wildlife Safari: What to Know and Expect

Going on an African wildlife safari is on many travelers’ bucket list. The opportunity to see lions, zebras, elephants and the other numerous African animals is something that people of all ages desire to see. However, this travel experience will be unlike any other, so we have provided a few tips you should know before embarking on an African wildlife safari:

  • Packing

    You will most likely be in a group and in a cramped Jeep so there won’t be a lot of room. Pack lightly and effectively. Pack layers that can be added when it gets cold during the early morning and night. We recommend luggage shipping directly to the hotel and packing one small backpack to bring with you on excursions that will fit a water, camera, etc. When packing a camera, make sure it’s a point and shoot or stick to one lens if you have a DSLR because your moments to capture the wildlife may sometimes be fleeting.

  • African Wildlife

    When it comes to African wildlife, get your expectations in check. You may go into the safari with a list of animals you want to see, but you have to assume that you will not see them all. Having a checklist is a surefire way to feel let down and it distracts you from the other unique and amazing aspects of the trip. These animals are wild and in their natural habitat – you aren’t in a zoo. They can move over a great expanse of land. If you don’t see certain animals one day, just be positive and hope to see them the next day. Either way, you are experiencing a once in a lifetime trip. Try to focus on learning about the local cultures as well as the animals. Along with this, you may pick an African safari tour that also brings you to amazing local landmarks such as Victoria Falls, Mount Kilimanjaro, The Seregeti, the Skeleton Coast and Ngorongoro Crater.

  • Location

    Not all safaris are located in Kenya, many safaris take place in South Africa, Botswana, Tanzania, Zambia and Namibia. Before you plan your African safari vacation, make sure to look into each location and see what the tour packages offer. In some destinations you are more likely to see elephants while in other locations you are more likely to see giraffes. Every tour will be unique and you may even choose to go on a river boat tour instead of a land/Jeep tour. Each of these countries have their own peak seasons so depending on what month you want to go, certain destinations may be better than others. Find out what you and your traveling partner or family want to do and see and choose your location based off that. We recommend reaching out to our partner, Abercrombie & Kent – who provides amazing luxury African safari tours and adventures – as they can help you plan your ultimate safari vacation.

  • Entry Requirements

    Depending on the country you are entering you may need a Visa. Make sure you do your research and are squared away before your trip.

  • Medical Precautions

    Schedule a visit with your doctor before you go on your trip. They will help you prepare with any needed vaccinations or medications. We also recommend looking into our partner Global Rescue in the very small chance you or a family member gets sick or injured during your vacation.  They can literally be a life saver.

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