The Airline Lost Your Luggage, What Next?

An unfortunate reality of checking luggage on your flight is that it may not always show up at your destination airport when you do. This may not mean that it’s lost altogether, perhaps just delayed, but in either case it can be a major inconvenience. We’ve outlined the steps you should be sure to take as soon as you discover that your luggage is missing. Below, we’ve also included some helpful links and contact information for specific airlines, so you can easily know your rights and get in touch in the unfortunate case that your checked luggage is lost or delayed.

Follow these steps to make sure that your bag is located:

  • Report Your Luggage Missing Before Leaving The Airport

    When left at the luggage carousel without your luggage immediately head to your airline’s customer service station to notify them of your lost luggage. This will ensure you have the all-important baggage claim reference number which allows you to track the hopefully discovery and delivery of your luggage.

  • Claim Lost Luggage Expenses

    Most airlines will cover the cost of essential items such as toiletries and clothing so don’t go splurging on new designer shoes. Airlines tactfully close the claim process as early as 21 days of day of travel so summit your claim immediately. We also advise that you keep all itemized receipts as this is mandatory with most airline baggage claim procedures. This article gives a good overview of your rights for compensation.

  • Voice Your Discontent On Social Media

    Almost all airlines are now managing their customer service through social media and to their credit reacting quickly to questions and complaints. By sharing your lost luggage experience with them on social media you’ll likely get an update on your lost luggage a lot quicker than traditional means without having to call the customer support line and suffer the inconvenience of being placed on hold.

  • Delivering Your Lost Luggage

    If the airline can relocate your lost luggage they will deliver to the address stated on your baggage claim. It’s therefore important to notify the airline of any change to this address if your luggage still hasn’t been returned to you. Note airlines state that the delivery of luggage can take up to 72 hours.

  • Airline Lost Luggage Contact Information


    Air Canada

    Air Canada Lost Luggage Policy
    Call: +1 888 689-2247
    Twitter: @AirCanada

    American Airlines

    American Airlines Delayed or Damaged Luggage Policy
    Call: +1 800 371-4771
    Twitter: @AmericanAir

    British Airways

    British Airways lost and damaged baggage policyCall: +44 (0) 344 493 0785
    Twitter: @British_Airways

    Delta Airlines

    Delta Airlines Delayed, Lost or Damaged Luggage PolicyCall: +1 888 750-3284
    Twitter: @DeltaAssist

    United Airlines

    United Airlines Delayed Luggage Policy
    Call: +1 281 821-3526
    Twitter: @united

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