Business Travel Luggage Shipping

There are many benefits to shipping luggage ahead for business travel. Don’t be stuck without proper clothes for that important meeting ever again – ship luggage instead!

When you are constantly flying off for days, if not weeks, on end for business meetings, it’s almost impossible to fit everything you will need into a carry-on. However, checking luggage is also risky. If your luggage gets lost, then you are stuck in one suit or dress for the entire trip. Even if your luggage doesn’t get lost, you have to spend time in lines and waiting at the baggage claim. That’s why shipping luggage is the best solution for business travelers.

  • Shipping Golf Clubs

    Many business travelers who have a golf meeting either lug their clubs around the whole trip or they rent their clubs when they get there. However, if you are trying to impress your client, bring your A-game and use your personal clubs! The easiest way to bring your personal clubs is to ship them directly to the course. We pick up your golf clubs and deliver them directly to the course so they are awaiting your arrival and ready for tee-time!

  • Shipping Luggage Internationally

    Whether you are traveling to Canada, Australia, Europe, the United State, Asia or Africa, you can walk through Customs easily when you use business travel luggage shipping. While booking with us, we gather a few details about your trip and fill out and submit all Customs documentation needed. This will also save you time when you are jet lagged and tired or running late to a meeting. We guarantee your bags will be awaiting your arrival at your hotel. Don’t have time to go to the hotel first to drop off your bags? No problem! Learn more about our on-time business travel luggage shipping guarantee here.

  • Shipping to a Trade Show

    If you are attending a trade show, ship your products directly to the convention center! Along with shipping luggage we can also ship boxes. This will make it substantially easier for you to get through the airport.


“Having been a customer of Luggage Forward since 2007 my global travel has been made stress-less. Luggage Forward takes the effort out of getting your bags to where they need to be, when they need to be there, removing the worry and owning the entire process end to end.” – Andy Abramson, Winner of Business Traveler Magazine’s Business Traveler of the Year

With Luggage Forward, business travel luggage shipping is easy, reliable, guaranteed to be on time and a time saver at the airport. We pick up your luggage from your home or office and deliver it directly to your hotel or office in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

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