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We Make Laptop Shipping Easy

Luggage Forward has a proven process for shipping laptops and tablets.   This shipping service provides a reliable alternative to checking your valuable laptop or tablet in your luggage at the airport.

TSA Laptop Ban

In March 2017, the United States and Great Britain banned passengers from carrying electronics larger than a cell phone onto direct inbound flights originating from 10 airports in the following 8 countries: Amman, Jordan; Cairo; Istanbul; Jidda and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia; Kuwait City; Casablanca, Morocco; Doha, Qatar; and Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Many travelers impacted by this ban can either ship their laptop ahead or pack it in their checked luggage. There is speculation that additional countries will be added to this list.

Avoid Checking Laptops

Airlines don’t recommend checking laptops and tablets in checked luggage because it puts your valuable electronics at risk of theft and damage. In fact, these new TSA guidelines are a direct contradiction to their laptop recommendations published by USA Today in 2014.  A more recent article about the laptop ban explains how the airline will not be held liable for items if they break or are lost.   You can find countless articles pointing out how airlines advise against including laptops in baggage for risk of theft or damage.  That leaves many people with one option which is to ship the laptop.

How to Ship Your Laptop

  1. Contact Luggage Forward at +1 617-482-1100 to arrange your shipment
  2. Purchase a specialized box that is designed for safe laptop shipping
  3. Luggage Forward will provide you with packing instructions, customs documentation and a shipping label
  4. Package your laptop in the box and attach the shipping label before your scheduled pickup date
  5. Drop your packaged laptop at a local shipping center or Luggage Forward will arrange to have it picked up directly from your home or business.


Sample Pricing

If you’re shipping your laptop between major cities within 50 miles of the airport these example prices will be very accurate.  If your country is not listed below please contact us for price as we can ship laptops to and from nearly every country worldwide.

Middle East & Asia

Small Box
(max 4 lbs)
Large Box
(max 7 lbs)
Transit (biz days)
Egypt United States $99 $129 4
Hong Kong United States $79 $99 3
Jordan United States $99 $129 4
Kuwait United States $99 $129 4
Morocco United States $109 $139 4
Qatar United States $99 $129 4
Saudi Arabia United States $99 $129 3
Turkey United States $99 $129 3
UAE United States $99 $129 3


Europe & Australia

Small Box
(max 4 lbs)
Large Box
(max 7 lbs)
Transit (biz days)
Australia United States $79 $99 3
New Zealand United States $79 $99 3
Europe Zone 1 United States $89 $109 2
Europe Zone 2 United States $99 $129 3
Europe Zone 3 United States $109 $139 4
United States Australia $79 $99 3
United States New Zealand $79 $99 3
United States Europe Zone 1 $89 $109 2
United States Europe Zone 2 $109 $129 3
United States Europe Zone 3 $119 $139 4


Europe Zone 1

Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom

Europe Zone 2

Austria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Sweden

Europe Zone 3

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia

Optional Services

  • There is a $15 pickup fee to have the laptop picked up at your home or business or it can be dropped off for no charge.
  • These prices include $500 of coverage which can be increased at a rate of $3 per $100 of additional coverage up to $2000 maximum.
  • Package recipient will be responsible for all customs duties and taxes associated with the shipment but the paperwork will be processed in such a way that customs fees are extremely rare.

** There is a $20 processing fee for each shipment. Laptop shipments are not covered by Luggage Forward’s industry leading on-time guarantee.


Schedule Your Laptop Shipment

Your laptop shipment can be arranged by contacting us directly with the following information ready.

  • Small or Large Laptop Box
  • Will you drop off the package or do you require a pickup?
  • Pickup and Delivery Addresses
  • Value protection (maximum $2000 USD)
  • Arrival Date
  • Please have your passport and flight itinerary available when you contact us to place your booking


After we’ve placed your order you’ll receive an invoice and you can submit your payment electronically and then you will receive all the necessary shipping materials.

Phone+1 617-482-1100
Email – orders@luggageforward.com
Chat – If we are online you should see a light blue indicator at the bottom right of this page with the text “How can we help?”.

If you’d like to arrange a laptop shipment, please provide us with 1 business day of advanced notice.

How to Package a Laptop for International Shipping

The key to safely shipping your laptop is using one of these two approved padded boxes:

Basic Laptop Box (Small) – This “small” box is made of strong corrugated cardboard with foam protection for your laptop and it can hold a laptop up to a 15″ wide laptop.

Advanced Laptop Box (Large) – This “large” box is designed with advanced features to protect your laptop during shipping and it can hold a laptop up to 18 1/2″ x 17″ x 3″ (L x W x H).

Purchase one of these boxes or something similar that doesn’t exceed 25″x18″x3″. We recommend placing your laptop and all peripherals in sealed plastic bags to protect them from the unlikely event of liquid exposure during shipping. Once your laptop is packed, we will either dispatch a courier to your home or business to collect the package or we can provide you with a drop location in your area.

Terms of Service

Luggage Forward will prepare shipping documentation including all necessary shipping labels and customs forms necessary to import one used laptop / tablet and one lithium ion battery enclosed in the laptop along with one charging cord and one mouse (the “Package”). We do not anticipate any duties and taxes; however every import is subject to duties and taxes which will be the responsibility of the Package recipient and may be payable upon receipt of Package or they may be invoiced after the package is delivered. Value protection will be provided by the carrier (UPS, DHL, or FedEx) and will be subject to the carrier’s terms and conditions related to value protection. Transit times are NOT GUARANTEED IN ANY WAY and will be extended for remote pickup and delivery locations. Transit times are also subject to customs handing time during the import process. Luggage Forward will work on the Package recipient’s behalf to expedite the shipment through the customs process and facilitate a duty free clearance. The optional pickup service is NOT GUARANTEED but Luggage Forward will dispatch a carrier to your pickup address on the date requested. If the package is dropped off or picked up late it will extended delivery date by the number of business days that it was late entering the carrier’s network.

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