Gift Ideas for Travelers

Whether it’s the Holiday season or a friend or family member’s birthday, finding a gift for the avid traveler isn’t always easy. They often have everything they need already and are the first to get new gadgets and apps. To help you find creative gift ideas for travelers in your life, Luggage Forward has created a list below including ideas for people who enjoy golf getaways, cruise vacations, ski vacations and bike tours:

  • For the golf lover

    If you have a friend or loved one who really enjoys taking golf getaways, make their trip easier and ship their golf clubs directly to the course. They don’t have to lug their clubs to the airport, check them on the plane or wait at the baggage claim. They can show up at tee-time with their clubs waiting for them!

  • For the avid cruiser

    Cruise vacations are the ultimate relaxing vacation. Every meal is prepared for you, there is entertainment for every age and at any time on the ship, drinks are served to you all day, transportation is available at every port, BUT you still have to haul your luggage from the airport to the port. To help your friend or family member start off their vacation hassle-free, ship their luggage directly to their cruise ship! Learn more about cruise baggage shipping.

  • For skiers and snowboarders

    Whether they are planning a trip to ski in the Rockies or the Alps, lugging ski and snowboard gear to the airport is not easy. In addition to all of their heavy winter weather clothing, they have to also pack all of their gear. To alleviate some of this stress and weight, ship their skis or snowboards directly to the mountain, ski chalet, or hotel! Learn more about shipping skis and shipping snowboards.

  • For cyclists

    Bike tours is a big trend right now. Because of this, many travelers are opting to bring their personal bike with them when they go on vacation. The perfect gift for bike travelers is to ship their bike directly to their hotel or final destination! They can create their own bike tour and not have to worry about getting their bike checked on a plane or claiming it at the airport.

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