Hitting the Courses Early; Scottish Golfing in Spring

While the Caribbean shores may boast the best weather, a tee-time in the Scottish spring cannot be underestimated. There is nothing like spring in the Highlands – emerald greens, famous courses, whiskey after dinner and roaring fires to end the day.

  • Where to go

    St Andrews should be at the top of the list for any keen golfer. From St Andrews Old to the Castle Course, and Kingsbarns – this region is a rich oasis of fabulous courses. Edinburgh is also only an hour away, making it a great locale for bad weather days. Those looking to blend two golf destinations in one will also find the East Lothian less than a couple hours drive away making them a natural pair.

    The Highlands are stunning and boast some of the wildest and inspiring courses in the whole of Scotland, including Royal Dornoch and Castle Stuart. However, with a four-hour drive from South to North, time savvy golfers would be well advised to look at internal flights from Edinburgh to Inverness.

  • What to Know

    When it comes to Scottish golfing you want to make sure that you plan well in advance. Even if you are hitting the courses early, different clubs cooperate hugely different booking systems. For example, St Andrews Old Course works on a balloting system where you take a number the day before and get allocated a slot by chance. Many clubs will have competitions on the weekends and you may not be able to secure a guest space. In short, always plan to call ahead to suss out the system.

  • How to Pack

    You can’t talk about golfing in Scotland without talking about the weather. Scotland is notorious for wet and windy weather, but when you get a good spring run, the blue skies and fresh heather laden air can be amazing. Make sure that you pack layers and don’t leave home without your waterproofs.

    Along with a Gore-Tex jacket you should also look for quick drying waterproof trousers. You can wear your usual golf clothes beneath your waterproof weather gear. A pair of golfing gloves will be an invaluable investment should the weather turn sour. The last thing you want is the wind chill on your hands affecting your swing. For all the extra waterproof clothes and clubs, you can ship your golf clubs to Scotland with Luggage Forward, so it will be ready and waiting when you want to step onto the Fairway.

  • Tips for On the Course Action

    To get the best out of your game make sure that prior to departure you check to see if you need your clubs regripped. Often a mistake for amateur golfers is not double checking the grip, your local PGA professional will be able to check for you.

Speaking of PGA professionals – it’s certainly worth booking a couple of sessions before heading out to Scotland. Its easy to slip into bad habits when away from the course over winter. A good pro will have you back on your A game in no time.

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