Another International Golf Club Shipping Service Option Added

If you have ever been golfing, you know there is a difference between using your own clubs versus using rentals. Using rentals can negatively impact your golf game and for the competitive golfers out there, that is very frustrating. Why should you settle for rentals while on vacation? You shouldn’t.

International Golf Club Shipping Service:

Since 2004, Luggage Forward has provided golfers with a way to ship their golf clubs to their vacation destination, but today it gets even better. We just announced our second international golf club shipping service, “Select,” that provides an even more affordable way to get your clubs to the course with only one to two additional days needed for shipping. Between our “Select” and “Preferred” services, golfers now have two different options to ship their clubs that are great for any budget.

Shipping clubs will make your golf getaway even more convenient and easy. Instead of lugging your golf clubs to the airport or from the hotel to the course, you can just show up at your tee time and be ready to play with your own clubs.

We are less expensive than other shipping options and the only golf club shipping service that includes a money back plus five hundred dollars on-time guarantee for each bag on all services worldwide. You also don’t have to worry about hidden fees because we offer all-inclusive pricing. We don’t charge for pickups or fuel surcharges.  The price you see is what you get!

Along with this, golfers can move quickly through Customs without the hassle of carrying gear or luggage as we complete and submit all country-specific Customs documentation to make the process stress-free.

Two of the destinations we find ourselves shipping more and more clubs to are Ireland and Scotland. As Scotland is the birthplace of modern golf, it’s no wonder why travelers are choosing to golf there. Along with the gorgeous scenery, it’s filled with history and visitors can play where many professionals have played before.

If you are unsure which courses you should try or where to stay in Ireland or Scotland, tour operators such as Haversham and Baker and  Perry Golf provide numerous options to choose from.

If you are planning an international golf getaway soon, ship your golf clubs!



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