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‘I have a great appreciation for the human body; what it can achieve is a great gift.’ – Monica Sanchez

Here at Luggage Forward we are all about celebrating those who inspire us to be our very best. Our partnership with triathlete Monica Sanchez is one of those inspiring collaborations that makes us proud to be part of her success every time we ship her bicycle to an event.

Associations That Inspire

Many people believe that athletes come into this world already darting for the finish line, but for Monica Sanchez her love of long distance running didn’t hit home until she turned 24.

In 1997 she began running marathons competitively, a love affair that lasted until 2010 when she turned her mind to triathlons. It started with her cycling as a form of cross training, trying to relieve some of the injuries from the marathons. Six months later at the age of 38, It turned into something else as she competed in the Mexican Ironman.

An Athlete with No Signs of Slowing Down

Now, at the age of 44 – Sanchez has competed in nine Ironman championships across the far-flung globe and shows no sign of slowing down. Ranked as number 1 in Spain after her 2015 Ironman win, and a gold winner in 2014, she is a big believer that race day is the product and not the process. Traveling across the world for some of the toughest endurance competitions on earth, we are proud to be entrusted with carrying Monica’s bicycle from shore to shore.

Sanchez is a firm believer that its not just the body that takes you there, but the will and mental prowess of determination.

“I find that I don’t look at training as a ‘chore’ because my focus is on achieving the goal; and I recognize that in order to succeed, I have to put the work in.”

At Luggage Forward we are committed to remaining one step ahead of Sanchez, so when she touches down her bicycle is there and waiting to ride her to victory.

Sport is such an integral part of our world; from the games in ancient Rome to the Olympics of modern day. Celebrating sports bonds communities and countries. Cheering on athletes is always a great reminder of what determination and hard work can achieve.

Know Your Gear is in Good Hands

From glorious golfers to cyclists looking to tackle the Tour de France or simply take a biking holiday, skiers wanting to go off piste, and snowboarders looking to tear up the powdered slopes – whatever your sport, at Luggage Forward we ship your gear and you can be sure that it will be there waiting for you.

As a first-rate shipping company, we know how important it is for athletes and adrenaline lovers to relax knowing their equipment is in good hands. From doorstep pick up to drop off; your tires, irons, skis and poles will be there to greet you at touch down.

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