Luggage Forward and Tourism Cares: A Commitment to Sustainable Tourism

Those who work in the travel industry rely on the wonder of the world to tempt their clients out the door. From gorgeous green spaces to brilliant beaches, culture clad cities, and communities that thrive. Travel can work wonders for lifting places and people, boosting economy, and improving lives. Yet, with providing great experiences comes a great responsibility – not just to the traveler, but to the places and faces around the world. For these reasons and more, Luggage Forward is pleased to be partnered with Tourism Cares, a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance the travel industry’s social impact to help people and places thrive.

Responsible Travel on the Rise

In the 21st century we are realizing that ethical, sustainable, and responsible travel is an increasing priority. From reducing the impact on the natural world, to respecting local cultures, it’s essential that travel companies set the precedent for walking through the world with love and care. “In reinventing the travel experience with Luggage Forward, we are conscious of the tourism communities around the world that support us, “ remarks cofounder Zeke Adkins, “the travel industry is the backbone of our business, and it’s important for us to give back where we can.”

A Partnership with Potential for Global Good

With that in mind Luggage Forward is pleased to announce it’s recent partnership with Tourism Cares. On a mission to advance the travel industry’s social impact to help places and people thrive, the nonprofit charity works closely with leading travel associations and companies to maximize the potential for travel’s potential to be for the global good.

With an emphasis on three areas of shared responsibility; helping destinations in need, supporting workforces, and improving corporate social responsibility – Tourism Cares is actively encouraging travel businesses and tourists to give back to the world around them.

About Tourism Cares

Tourism Cares is a public charity, dedicated to uniting the travel industry to make a greater impact on the places we all love. Working with leading travel and tourism companies, they are seeking to bring philanthropic travel opportunities to the table. Find out more about them at www.TourismCares.Org and @TourismCares.

Sending Shockwaves of Positive Impact

Along with sending luggage all over the world, we also want to send shockwaves of positive impact. We are always looking for new and evolving ways to make travel a better experience – not just for the consumer but for those who work within the industry. The ability to travel to far flung corners or even closer to home shores and to lend a helping hand. Whether cleaning up shared spaces, raising disaster relief funds, helping build better infrastructure and investing in the community -we are committed to working with Tourism Cares to curate a better world for all.

“We are thrilled to have Luggage Forward as part of our community,” notes Mike Rea, Tourism Cares CEO. “The stronger our membership, the greater our impact can be. It’s an honor to work with companies and employees so dedicated to giving back.”

What This Means for Luggage Forward

Luggage Forward’s history of helping where they can has always been a part of their identity: from assisting medically evacuated travelers with returning their luggage through Travel Guard, to being ever active in reuniting tourists with their luggage after a natural disaster. For us at Luggage Forward, we think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. We are looking forward to getting involved with projects that offer direct inspiration and change. From the plains of Patagonia to the golf courses of Hawaii, the tip of the Alps, and the murmur of the Mediterranean, as a global company – it’s time to get global on the ground.

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