What to do in Maui

If you are thinking of taking a vacation to Maui, definitely go! It is one of our favorite destinations. The island of Maui is perfect for active and adventure loving travelers. From surfing and paddle boarding to hiking and biking to golfing and ziplining, this island has everything you could ever want to do. With average weather between 65 and 85 degrees (F) all year round, it is always a great place to escape to.

If you are looking to go golfing in Maui, the weather will be perfect at almost every time of year however, December and January have the highest rainfall. Getting to Maui from anywhere can be a journey so we recommend shipping your luggage or shipping golf clubs ahead to your resort or golf course.

Outside of golfing and going to the beach – we recommend Ka’anapali beach  – here are other attractions and things to do in Maui:

  • Drive the road to Hana and hike to Twin Falls

    The Hana Highway is a 68 mile stretch of highway that takes about 2.5 hours to drive (with no stops being made). However, this drive isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a two lane road that is narrow and winding. It passes over 59 bridges (46 of which are only one lane wide) and there are about 620 curves. We recommend starting the drive early so you get some time to explore the town of Hana before driving back. You want to make sure you aren’t driving this dangerous road in the dark. A few miles in, there is a little inlet for the Twin Falls. You can park and then hike to the waterfalls. It is a pretty easy  hike over a well-worn grass or dirt path, but at one point you will have to cross a narrow, raised, brick footpath. You  will pass beautiful lush rainforest flowers and numerous basins. Once you get to the falls, you will likely see numerous people jumping off the waterfalls into the pool below.

  • Go whale watching

    Every year, humpback whales migrate from Alaska to their warm-water breeding grounds in Hawaii. During the months of mid-November until early May (the best months being February and March) you will see a huge migration of humpback whales. Almost every boat tour promises you will see whales and you may even see them from the beach!

  • Drive up the Haleakala Crater

    If you don’t have a car and prefer to bike or hike, there are guided tours. It is a long, winding road that goes up the hillside of the crater so biking will be tough and steep. Once at the top, you will be at 10,023 feet above sea level, above the clouds and can see most of the other islands in the Hawaiian chain. Tip* we recommend bringing a jacket and pants because it is very cold at the summit. Also buy gas and water or snacks before you start the climb. While you are in the Haleakala National Park and if you have time, take a hike on the Pipiway trail through the bamboo forests. At the end of this hike you will also find a beautiful 400 foot waterfall.

  • Take a submarine ride to see a different view of Maui

    You will take a boat ride out to a submarine and a guide will tell you the history of the island and bring you to a local shipwreck. They will point out different wildlife and if you take the Atlantis submarine ride, the guides are really good about circling around so that everyone gets a good view. At 129 feet below the surface, you will see swarms of fish and sharks.

  • Take a helicopter ride

    You will get scenic views of the entire island and see all of the lush rainforests and waterfalls from above.

  • Experience downtown Lahaina

    This town is extremely quaint, with a lot of local shops, artists and restaurants you will be happy you went there, we promise!

  • Take a day trip to Lanai.

    Lanai is a remote island off the coast with around 3,000 inhabitants. You will likely need to hire a guide once you get there who will take you on off-roading adventures to the islands main attractions such as Hulopoe Bay, a marine conservation area that is perfect for snorkeling, or Garden of the Gods, a lunar-like landscape.

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