Plan a Trip to These Obscure Golf Destinations

We ship clients’ golf clubs all over the world, but there are patterns and trends in our shipments to golf destinations. In the U.S. we find that many shipments are to cities and towns on the coasts and, not surprisingly, the warmer states are the most popular. Destinations include: Maine, Massachusetts, Florida, Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, New Mexico, California, and Texas.

Outside of the states, the majority of golf club shipments go to Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda and the Caribbean.

There are plenty of golf courses all over the world, many of which only locals know about. Expand your horizons and try some of the golf destinations that aren’t tourist traps, but still offer courses with amazing scenery. To help with this, we went through our golf club shipping data and found these obscure golf destinations (both domestically and internationally) clients have shipped their clubs to.

Try these golf destinations:

  1. Marbella, Spain.

Interestingly enough, this town that is located on the coast of Spain and in between both ocean and mountains has plenty of golf courses to choose from. If you haven’t been there yet, you should check it out!

  1. Lund, Sweden.

Lund is located in southern Sweden and golfing here would be similar to golfing in the UK. Although they have nice mild summers, they do have rain throughout the year and have an average of 169 wet days.

  1. Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

Although Sun Prairie is most well known for their Angell Park Speedway and arts and crafts shops, they do have a few golf courses. If you plan to go golfing here, visit between May and October, however, August is their wettest month of the year!

  1. Baldwin, Michigan

Baldwin is primarily a tourist town as most of its economy is based around the summer months. It is known for its many lakes and rivers (and water sports), the Manistee National Forest, the Shrine of the Pines and events such as the Blessing of the Bikes. However, there are a few golf courses. It rains more in May and June than other months so the best months to go golfing are July-October.

  1. Teton Village, Wyoming

Located at the base of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Teton Village is a great place for skiers in the winter and nature lovers during the summer. Along with nearly ten golf courses, the area also offers outdoors activities such as biking, tram rides, hiking, paragliding, white water rafting, camping, fishing and horseback riding. The best time to go golfing here is between May and September.

Have you been golfing in these towns? Do you recommend any other obscure golf destinations?


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