Planning a Destination Wedding

You just got engaged – Congratulations! – but now it’s time to start thinking about the wedding. For many of you, this includes a destination wedding.  Whether it’s going to be in Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico, Florida, Las Vegas, Italy, Costa Rica, Bermuda…the list goes on, you have a lot of things to do in the next few months! Although you may already have the destination picked out and the fun things such as invitations and gift bag ideas pinned on your wedding board, there are plenty of other things that you must consider when planning a destination wedding.

You have probably heard and read plenty of tips that are all the same such as get a package deal at the hotel and scout out the place before you book it. However, our tips for planning a destination wedding are going to be a little different and things you haven’t thought of before, but are essential to making your day go as smoothly as possible.

Tips for planning a destination wedding:

  • If possible, book a direct flight

    Nothing is more annoying than a delayed flight and a missed connection. Along with throwing off your schedule and festivities, this is often the leading cause of lost luggage as well. Especially if you are traveling during the winter to a warmer destination, a delay is always a possibility.

  • Ship luggage ahead to your hotel

    With tuxes, dresses, shoes, oodles of makeup and clothes, you will likely end up checking numerous bags. When you check bags, you waste time in long check-in lines, have to worry about lost luggage and have to wait forever at the baggage claim. To avoid all of this, have bags picked up at your home and shipped directly to your hotel with our luggage shipping service. You can step on the plane empty handed and stress-free. As a present for your bridal party, offer to ship their luggage too. It will also make their trip much more convenient.

  • Have a valid passport

    I know this sounds silly, but in the hectic planning phases this can get overlooked and you don’t want to miss your own wedding! Make sure passports are valid up until 6 months after your trip is supposed to end- this one of the cardinal rules of traveling.

  • Notify your credit card companies

    Again this may seem trivial, but it would be embarrassing if you went to use a credit card and it got declined because it was alerted as fraudulent. Worse than being embarrassed, it could actually become a problem when trying to pay a vendor!

  • Ask about a dress code

    Some churches or cultures require women to cover their arms or shoulders and men to wear blazers or a certain color. Make sure to ask and research the “rules” then be certain that the invitation clearly states them. You don’t want your guests to be unprepared and embarrassed or worse…upset the vendor or venue. It’s just not worth the stress.

  • Consider the location when choosing the menu

    If it’s a beach wedding and the weather is going to be warm, talk to your caterer and cake designer to make sure the food won’t look or become unappetizing in the heat. You don’t want your cake and food to start melting and falling apart, so work with them to come up with a menu that has options for everyone but is also practical.

  • Handle Customs correctly

    Luckily, if you ship luggage internationally with us, we handle all Customs documentation for you, but if you choose to bring a carry-on on with party favors or other goods, make sure to put it on the Customs forms or you can end up paying hefty fees.

Now, let’s celebrate because you’re getting married!

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