Rome’s Hidden Gems: An Insider’s Guide

Ahh, Rome. A beautiful city filled with history, ancient architecture and tourists from all over the world. Imagine taking a break from exploring, sitting at an outdoor cafe, dipping biscotti in coffee as you watch people walk by on their way to the Colosseum, Pantheon, St. Peter’s Basilica or the Trevi Fountain. Vacation doesn’t get much better than this! At least we think so.

Although these previously mentioned sites are the most popular and a must-see, we also wanted to share Rome’s hidden gems and insider tips that will make you feel like a local. We spoke with Rome Guide Services, a company that provides personalized and private tours or Rome, and they shared some insightful tips regarding how to make your trip to Rome an unforgettable one.

Rome’s Hidden Gems according to Rome Guide Services:

  • You don’t always have to go to a museum to see priceless works of art in Rome. Two of Michelangelo’s sculptures can be found in little churches tucked away in the city center: Moses in San Pietro in Vincoli and Christ carrying the Cross in Santa Maria Sopra Minerva. Another great one is Bernini’s theatrical Ecstasy of St. Theresa in Santa Maria della Vittoria.
  • If you are looking to experience a small and (somewhat) off-the-tourist-track neighborhoods, try  Coppedé for its whimsical architecture and Monti for a blend of traditional and trendy. To get to Coppedé, make sure to enter from the corner of Via Tagliamento and Via Dora for the best views of the quarter.
  • If you are into fashion, you know that Italy is home to many famous designers. Whether you are interested in the likes of Ferragamo, Valentino and Armani or small boutiques, Rome will definitely delight your shopping appetite. For vintage shopping, we recommend the Monti neighborhood and their weekend Vintage Market by the Cavour metro stop. For a less crowded, but elegant shopping experience, try The Via del Governo Vecchio.
  • Although this isn’t a very well kept secret, it is a fun visit – the keyhole on the Aventine.  Head to the non-descript door on Aventine Hill, look through the peephole and be amazed as you get a beautiful view of St. Peter’s framed by a tunnel of greenery.
  • For the best views in Rome, go to the Gianicolo Hill. If you are interested in seeing less-known architectural beauties, head to the Tempietto and Fontana dell’acqua Paola. These two sites were featured in the Oscar winning movie La Grande Bellezza.

Tips for visiting Rome by Rome Guide Services:

  • If you’re looking for a fun and modern way to see the Ancient wonders of Rome, try a Segway tour.
  • Don’t leave Italy’s fabulous food behind when you leave. Learn how to make handmade pasta with ingredients bought from a local market right here in Rome.

About Rome Guide Services:

We are specialized guides of Rome who adjust our private tours to our clients’ interests, knowledge, and energy level. We’re a local family with a combined guiding experience of over 60 years. We’ve lived in the US for many years so we can offer you a perfectly bilingual, very personable and customer tailored service that offers insight into Italy’s varied cultural differences. With over 3000 years of history, we never run out of things to see in what once used to be the ‘caput mundi’ or ‘capitol of the world’. Rome is so full of attractions and sights, churches and museums, beautiful views and curiosities, not to mention all the anecdotes! We can help you with the perfect hotel or apartment rental, search out local activities, plan Segway or photo tours, and arrange private cooking classes to prepare native Italian dishes like homemade pasta or pizza! We also help organize private tours in other cities in Italy and many cruise ports around the Mediterranean. Whether its a family trip, a business trip, a wedding anniversary, a cruise stopover or even a luxurious month traveling the country– our expertise is to cater to your individual interests and needs. From a single client to a group of 50, we do it all!”


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