Ship Luggage to a Destination Wedding

Shipping luggage to a destination wedding is the smartest and most convenient way to travel. Whether you are the bride, groom, family members or bridal party, you will likely be packing a lot of things with you on your trip. From formal clothes to casual clothes, to party favors and DIY decorations, to hair and makeup products, carrying on luggage is just not possible. However, checking luggage isn’t practical either. With numerous bags, it’s much more affordable, reliable and convenient to ship luggage ahead. When you ship luggage ahead to your final destination you can skip hauling heavy luggage, avoid long check-in lines, worrying about lost luggage or waiting at baggage claim.

  • Luggage will Arrive on Time – We Guarantee It!

    When shipping luggage to a destination wedding, we guarantee your luggage will arrive on time. Our shipping specialists track your bag the entire way and reroute it if necessary to ensure timely delivery. We have the best luggage shipping guarantee in the industry so you can feel comfortable knowing your luggage is in good hands.

  • Shipping Luggage to a Hotel

    We can ship luggage directly to your hotel so whether you are heading to Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica, Kahala Hotel and Resort in Hawaii, The Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne in Miami or any other hotel in 200+ countries, we handle all of the logistics for you. We will tell you where you will find your luggage when you arrive as well as where you can drop off your luggage if you choose to ship luggage to your honeymoon or home at the end of your stay.

  • Ship Luggage to a Destination Wedding on a Cruise Ship!

    Cruise ship weddings are becoming more popular. For example, our partners Holland America and Celebrity Cruises have on-board wedding options. Along with shipping to hotels, we can also ship luggage to virtually any cruise port in more than 200 countries worldwide. You can arrive at the boat and your luggage will be awaiting your arrival in your stateroom. We can also ship luggage home from your cruise ship or to another honeymoon destination.

  • International Luggage Shipping to a Destination Wedding

    If your destination wedding is taking place at an international location, that’s no problem! We have been shipping luggage internationally for more than a decade and have perfected the process. During our booking process, we gather a few details about your trip and what you have packed in your luggage and fill out and submit all Customs documentation needed so you can breeze through Customs. This process also ensures that luggage is delivered on time.

To book, call or go online and provide a few details about your trip. We then dispatch a courier to your house to pick up your luggage and will deliver them directly to your destination whether that is a hotel, cruise ship, venue or residence in 200+ countries and territories. We do all of the hard work for you so you can relax!

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