Shipping a Bike: Go Where No Bike Has Gone Before

Here in the States, May is National Bike Month. Who else is excited to get outside and pedal more? We sure are! Along with the excitement of Bike Month, spring is coming into full bloom, allowing active bicyclists to realize they are that much closer to their upcoming triathlons and the famous Tour de France.

Bike Tours

In the travel and tourism industry, traveling via bike is growing in popularity and it is a great way to slow down and immerse yourself in a culture. However, many cyclists prefer to have their own bike on these treks. What if I told you there was a way cyclists could ship their bike anywhere in the world and take any tour they want?

Shipping a Bike

If that piqued your interest, you’re in luck. We just officially announced our bike shipping service that makes shipping a bike to more than two hundred countries and territories easy and affordable.  It’s a convenient and hassle-free alternative to finding a way to get your bike to the airport and going through the frustration of it getting checked. Your bike can be picked up at your door and delivered to your destination of choice. It can also be shipped home at the end of the trip.

We are also excited to announce our partnership with Butterfield & Robinson, a well-known luxury active tour company. Butterfield & Robinson offer numerous types of vacation packages from easy going, moderate and advanced levels of activity to foodie lover trips to everything in between. This partnership will equip cyclists with an easy way to experience unique bike tours and fulfill their wish to travel.

Where are you going to take your next bike tour? Try shipping your bike with us:


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