Ireland & Scotland Golf Trips

Every spring, we get an influx of clients who are shipping golf clubs ahead to the course. “Where to?” you ask, well the UK of course! Being the birthplace of golf and the home of famous courses, Scotland and Ireland are often the go-to destination for golf getaways.

However, with hundreds of different golf course and accommodation options, it can be a little overwhelming to plan a golf getaway there. Which golf course is best for our group’s skill level? How many golf courses will we be able to visit? What hotel should we stay at? The list of questions goes on. To make things easier and to have the most memorable vacation yet, we recommend using a golf expedition company such as Haversham & Baker.

Haversham & Baker provides the perfect experience for travelers looking for custom-planned itineraries. Whether you are taking a golf vacation to Ireland and Scotland for the first time, sixth time or umpteenth time, they can design a vacation just for you!

Along with this, whether you are traveling from the US, Spain, Italy, Australia, or virtually any other country worldwide, we recommend shipping golf clubs directly to your golf course in Scotland and Ireland. Shipping golf clubs with us allows you to skip the hassles of carrying them through the airport, worrying about the airlines losing them and waiting at the baggage claim. Your golf clubs will be awaiting your arrival and ready for tee-time.

If you are curious as to where we ship the most golf clubs, we took a look at our client data and found some of the most popular golf courses in both Scotland and Ireland.

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