Shipping Luggage to Your Home Exchange

For the second homeowner, becoming a home exchange member just makes sense when it comes to traveling. With plenty of space and vacation destination options, it’s also the perfect getaway for families.

Our partner, THIRDHOME – the premier reciprocal travel club for luxury second homeowners – has more than 3,000 properties worldwide. Imagine showing up to your property in your choice of dozens of countries worldwide and having plenty of room for your entire family. No more sharing rooms or one tiny bathroom – you get the comfort of home with the luxury of being anywhere in the world! Doesn’t that sound amazing? We think so.

Along with the luxury of having an entire house, when shipping luggage to your home exchange property, you could have the ultimate family vacation that is both luxurious and stress-free.

Luggage shipping allows you to avoid hauling numerous heavy bags, waiting in long check-in lines, worrying about lost luggage and wasting time at the baggage claim.

What does it feel like to ship luggage on vacation? It’s relaxing, yet you’re vacation just gained many more possibilities. You now have much more time than you previously did if you checked bags. Always wanted to step off the plane and head directly to the beach, the museum, an excursion? Now, you can.

If you are shipping internationally, don’t worry about Customs! We fill out and submit all Customs documentation needed so you don’t have to.

Always feel at ease with Luggage Forward. We have the highest caliber guarantee in the industry – in the very rare case your bags are delayed we will provide a full refund and $500 per late bag, and we are the most affordable. We don’t have any hidden fees and our prices aren’t based on weight so you always know what you are paying for up front.

Try shipping luggage to your vacation home and experience just how amazing vacation can be without the baggage.

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