Snowbird Destinations – The Most Popular Cities

It’s that time of year again! Fall is here and the snow will be on its way before we know it. Those of us who live in colder climates are preparing and getting ready to flock to warmer locations – similar to birds that flock south for the winter. Americans like to affectionately call these people snowbirds.

Who wouldn’t want to live in warm weather all year-round? It sounds great to us. No more shoveling snow, slipping on ice, shivering any time you step outside…the benefits of being a snowbird are endless.

Many of our clients are snowbirds as they are retired and can afford having a second house someplace warmer – specifically in the United States – where they can stay for months on end in the winter. Snowbirds tend to opt for shipping their luggage down to their second residence instead of checking numerous bags and hauling luggage through the airport. Luggage shipping makes the move easier because they don’t have to pack clothing to last 5-6 months in a small carry-on or just one bag. There is also no need to buy a second set of clothes to keep in the house – this is particularly helpful if you rent out your home to travelers during spring and summer months.

If you are looking to become a snowbird yourself, we took our client data and found the best and most popular snowbird destinations. This list may even be relevant as the best retirement cities for you to look at. Check out the list below to help you decide what location to settle down in come winter.

The Best Snowbird Destinations:

  1. Naples, Florida
  2. Scottsdale, Arizona
  3. Miami, Florida
  4. Los Angeles, California
  5. Boca Raton, Florida
  6. Beverly Hills, California
  7. Austin, Texas
  8. La Quinta, California
  9. Palm Beach, Florida
  10. Sarasota, Florida
  11. Vero Beach, Florida
  12. Las Vegas, Nevada
  13. Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
  14. Palm Desert, California
  15. Tucson, Arizona

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