Summer Study Abroad Programs – Why Ship Luggage Ahead

Study abroad programs don’t just take place in the fall and spring semesters, summer study abroad programs with companies such as AIFS, CIS and CIEE are just as popular. With dozens of countries to choose from and plenty of course options, studying abroad is a great way to gain credits, meet new people and travel.

However, many students find it hard to fit everything they are going to need for their summer study abroad program in a small carry-on or even one checked bag; and living out of one suitcase for a few weeks isn’t practical. Therefore, we recommend shipping luggage ahead. This way, you can pack as many suitcases as you want without the hassle of hauling them through airports or to your apartment or dorm!

Along with this, many students opt to continue traveling after their semester is finished. If they have classes in Rome, after their semester is over they may choose to travel to southern Italy or keep exploring the rest of Europe. If you decide to continue traveling even after your program is over, ship excess baggage home and continue traveling with only what you need. It’s reliable, convenient and simple to use.

Just call us or go online and provide us with a few details about your trip. We will then dispatch a courier to come pick up your bags and deliver them to your final destination. We will track them throughout their entire journey and notify you when they have arrived. If you are traveling internationally, we will fill out and submit all Customs documentation needed for you so you don’t have to worry about it.

Want to get to class via your personal bike? No problem! We can also ship your sporting equipment such as bikes and golf clubs to more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Learn more about our bike shipping service and our golf club shipping service.

Now doesn’t that sound easy? It’s because it is! Make the move to your summer study abroad program easy and ship luggage ahead.

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