The Easiest Ways to Avoid Honeymoon Travel Hassles

Honeymoons are something couples look forward to for months and wanderlust-ers often use honeymoons as a means to travel to some of the most far-flung destinations they usually don’t have the time or budget to do so in a normal setting. Even non-regular travelers use honeymoons as a way to get out and explore.

With that being said, airlines and the travel universe don’t know that is your honeymoon so air travel hassles can still arise even though it is a special occasion. To minimize these honeymoon travel risks, we recommend doing a few things:

  • Ship luggage ahead to your hotel or cruise ship

    Lost luggage can severely impact your trip and it’s not practical to carry-on when you are going on vacation for more than a few days. To avoid hauling heavy bags, long check-in lines, lost luggage and wasting time at the baggage claim, we recommend shipping luggage ahead with us. Bags are picked up at a home or office and can be delivered directly to a hotel, rental property, villa, or cruise ship in your choice of 200+ countries and territories worldwide. We will track all of your luggage throughout their entire journey and will notify you when its delivered. When shipping internationally, we will fill out and submit all Customs documentation needed for you so whether you are going to Italy, South Africa, Australia or Hawaii, we can make your journey hassle-free.

  • Use a travel agent

    Travel agents are extremely helpful and with a trip of this size, you want to make sure things go smoothly. They can help you with everything from filling out and getting Visas (if needed), to telling you if any vaccinations are needed, to knowing the best destinations and hotels for your preferences and staying within your budget.

  • Get trip insurance

    With such a monumental and expensive trip, it’s worth spending a little more to provide ease of mind if severe weather hits, there is civil unrest or if you get sick.

  • Use the correct last name

    If you have decided to take your husband’s last name after marriage, but haven’t legally changed it yet, make sure you use your maiden name in all bookings.  Why? Because your driver’s license, passport and plane ticket must match. Don’t let this silly mistake keep you from getting on a plane!

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