The Most Obscure Packing Items People Have Tried to Ship

As a luggage shipping company, we probably know more about what people pack on vacation than anyone else in the travel industry. Although the majority of our clients ship golf clubs, luggage, skis, snowboards and bikes, sometimes we get a unique request regarding packing items to ship.

Since we also fill out Customs documents for our clients to make the process hassle-free for them, we often find clients are trying to pack  items in their luggage that are pretty interesting to say the least. We decided to make a list of the most obscure items people have asked us to ship around the world.

The Most Obscure Packing Items People Have Tried to Ship:

1. Suit of Armor.

We can’t imagine trying to lug this through the airport so I guess it makes sense someone would want to ship it! If you ever have the desire to ship one home, we can help.

2. Musical Door.

Yes, you read that right. We have shipped a musical door. Don’t know what that is? Check out the picture below.

3. Deer carcasses.

Definitely an interesting packing item request, but we cannot ship this or animal remains of any kind.

4. Fishing Rods.

This is not an odd item per se, but fishing rods are definitely not a popular item we ship as many people rent fishing rods if they are going deep sea fishing on vacation. However, for all you who love to fish on vacation, we can help get your personal fishing rods to your final destination safely.

We handle your shipments with care and we offer the highest caliber shipping guarantee and value protection in the luggage shipping industry. If you are interested in shipping obscure items, give our team a call to see if we can ship it for you!

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