Travel Myths [Luggage Shipping Services]

There are travel myths, rumors and misunderstandings in all aspects of the travel industry and the luggage shipping landscape is no different. To help dispel these rumors and make travelers understand our industry better, we have collected the biggest myths regarding luggage shipping and provided the truth instead.

However, in some cases at particular luggage shipping companies, some of these aren’t myths at all. Luckily for you, all of these points are myths to Luggage Forward customers.

  • Myth #1: Luggage shipping is more expensive than checking luggage.

    Truth: Often times, shipping luggage is less expensive than checking more than one bag with the airlines. We find this to be especially true with families traveling with many bags. Along with being less expensive, luggage shipping services are also more convenient. There is no need to haul heavy bags, wait in long check in lines or worry about lost luggage. Different luggage shipping services vary in pricing so always do your homework when making sure it is within your price range – (read myth #4).

  • Myth #2. Bags must be dropped off at a FedEx or UPS location.

    Truth: Luggage Forward will pick up your bags at your home or office – making it much more convenient. However, companies such as UPS and FedEx require you to drop your luggage off at their store locations to be shipped.

  • Myth #3: Luggage needs to be wrapped in extra packaging.

    Truth: Luggage Forward doesn’t require extra packaging (unless you are shipping sports gear). Bags can be shipped as they would be checked on a plane. Other luggage shipping services, as well as UPS and FedEx, require packaging for every shipment.

  • Myth #4: There are hidden fees.

    Truth: Luggage Forward doesn’t have any hidden fees. Our prices are easy to understand in our booking engine and we never have any hidden fees. What you see is what you pay. Unfortunately, many other luggage shipping companies  do have hidden fees that fall under pick-up, residential, packaging and fuel surcharges.

  • Myth #5. Customers have to handle Customs alone.

    Truth: Luggage Forward handles all Customs documentation for you. During the booking process, we fill out and submit all Customs documentation needed for entry into the specific country you are traveling to. However, most other luggage shipping companies, and parcel shippers like UPS and FedEx, won’t help with Customs and you are on your own. This is unfortunate because if bags get caught up in Customs, they will not arrive on time and you may end up with a hefty duty charge.

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