Travel Tips for Europe


Europe is an amazing vacation destination. It’s cities and towns are filled with history, art, beautiful architecture and any country you visit promises a unique experience. However, Europe is very different from the United States, Asia, Australia and most other continents. As well as being excited for your trip, you should also be prepared. Below are a few travel tips for Europe.

Travel Tips for Europe:

  1. If you are a woman, you will likely want to pack a purse, but DON’T pack a purse that sits on your shoulder. Pack a purse or bag that has a long thick strap that can go around your body diagonally, make sure it has a zipper, and keep the purse in front of you resting against your stomach or hips. You want to be able to see it at all times. Many cities in Europe are known to have pickpockets. Some pickpockets will even cut the strap to your purse and snatch it before you even know it’s gone.
  2. Whether you are a man or woman who is traveling with a bag, purse, or jacket, when you are at a restaurant don’t hang your bag on the chair or at your feet. Keep the bag in your lap. Even locals do this.
  3. Pack a pocket translator. If you are traveling to towns that are not filled with tourists, it really goes a long way if you can say a few words in the native language. Shop owners will be more friendly and strangers are more likely to help you.
  4. European outlets mainly run on 220 volts, so pack an adapter if you plan on packing a lot of electronics.
  5. If you want to blend in and not stand out as a tourist, wear dark or neutral colored clothes and don’t wear white sneakers.
  6. Pack comfortable shoes. You will do a lot of walking.
  7. Most meals in Europe last a few hours. If you have activities planned, don’t expect to rush lunch or dinner to make it to your next excursion. If you do want something quick to eat, go to a sandwich shop instead of a restaurant.
  8. When using the ATM, make sure you use a reputable bank and ask your hotel concierge where a good ATM is located. Some ATMs have “skimmers” put on them by scammers which will steal your debit card information. Once at the ATM, if traveling with a friend, have them stand next to you. This is a common place for thieves to grab your cash.
  9. Notify your credit card companies that you are traveling abroad so they don’t freeze access to your cards.
  10. Make a photocopy of your passport and keep it in a separate place from the original. Also print out all reservation information just in case.
  11. Carry coins on you because some public bathrooms require money.

Do you have any more travel tips for Europe? Share them in the comments!

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