Travelers Bring How Many Suitcases on Vacation?

There are many different types of packers for vacation, the over-packer, the under-packer, the packer who always forgets their toothbrush every trip, the packer who uses space cubes, the packer who fills an entire suitcase with shoes…the list goes on. In a recent survey of more than 800 people, we wanted to find out on average how many suitcases people pack per person on vacation. The results were interesting.

It turns out, people are packing more than we thought!

How Many Suitcases People Pack:

On average, 59% of travelers are packing two suitcases per person on vacation! 9% of travelers pack three suitcases per vacation, 30% pack only one suitcase and 2% pack more than four suitcases.

If you are packing more than two suitcases on vacation (or even one suitcase for that matter), there is something that you should consider…shipping suitcases ahead to your destination! Instead of hauling heavy bags to the airport, paying for overweight or numerous checked bag fees, worrying about lost luggage or wasting time at the baggage claim, you could have your suitcases awaiting your arrival at your hotel, cruise ship or residence. Shipping suitcases ahead is more convenient, affordable and reliable than checking bags with an airline.

For the same amount of money (if not less) than checking your suitcase with the airlines, you could have shipped it and avoided all of these air travel hassles!

If you are shipping luggage internationally to Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, the US or virtually any other country, we fill out and submit all Customs documentation needed for you so you can breeze through Customs. This also enables suitcases to be delivered on time.

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