Our On-Time Guarantee

Double Money Back Guarantee

If your bag is delayed, we will give you double your money back!

Relax. When you send your luggage with us, it is guaranteed to arrive on time or we’ll refund your double what you paid for to ship the bag to make it right. It’s simply the best luggage shipping guarantee on the planet, period. Luggage Forward is so confident that your luggage will arrive on-time that we guarantee it. If your bags do not arrive by end of day on or before your scheduled delivery date, barring Customs delays or extreme weather, we will refund double your money for any late bag. This industry-leading guarantee is our way of saying you can count on us to get your luggage to your destination, on-time, every time, or we’ll make it up to you.

Multi-Carrier Network
Applies to Every
Service We Offer

Superior Multi-Carrier Network

Luggage Forward employs a unique, multi-carrier network shipping strategy which utilizes each provider where they are strongest. This provides superior worldwide on-time delivery to any one carrier. We supplement our multi-carrier network with a worldwide network of private couriers and freight forwarders handpicked by Luggage Forward, which provides the agility necessary to meet our clients’ demanding travel schedules. Consequently, Luggage Forward often delivers luggage on-time even when severe weather conditions make it impossible for our clients to reach their destination on-time.

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International Expertise

Luggage Forward takes the complexity out of international luggage shipping by providing clients with realistic and predictable delivery times based on our extensive experience with each country’s unique Customs processes. Unlike alternatives, our transit times actually include ample time for routine Customs inspections that are common practice when shipping luggage internationally. Our international Forwarding Specialists properly complete all necessary Customs documentation for our clients and work around the clock to ensure luggage moves seamlessly to your international destination.

Exceptional Service

We’re improving the way people travel, one happy traveler at a time. Anyone can print a shipping label, but Luggage Forward’s experienced Forwarding Specialists make even the most complicated scenario a breeze by providing our clients with the necessary guidance to predictably deliver luggage on time. Not only are our prices typically less than the major shipping companies, but we pick up luggage from your front door, coordinate with hotels, oversee Customs clearance and provide our clients with the necessary information to make sure every bag is delivered on-time.

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Luggage Forward money back guarantee

The (Not So) Fine Print

Our guarantee applies to every service we offer: domestic (U.S.) services ranging from overnight Express to seven day Economy and all international services whose door-to-door transit times are country specific and factor in additional time for routine Customs inspections. Our Guarantee excludes delays caused by factors beyond our control including but not limited to Customs delays, local or national weather conditions, natural disasters, mechanical failures, or shipments containing prohibited items. Please view our Terms of Service for more information about our guarantee.


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