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Doorstep to Destination™

Trust in our experience

For more than a decade, Luggage Forward has been the world's most trusted door-to-door luggage shipping service. We've earned our reputation through our customer-first philosophy and by using advanced technology to provide the most reliable luggage delivery.

Trusted Since 2005

For more than a decade, travelers have depended on our luggage shipping service.

Guaranteed On-Time

Each bag is backed by the world's first money back PLUS $500 guarantee.

Global Expertise

Our automated process makes it easy and reliable to ship luggage internationally.

We're Here 24/7

We work on your schedule. You can book online or call us any time, we'll be here.

Luggage Forward in the press

"...knowledgeable customer-service reps. Honestly, using them was a breeze."

"...saves time, excess baggage fees and customs hassles."

"All-inclusive pricing, including customs documentation, makes it easy..."

#9 fastest growing privately held travel company in the United States in 2012

"Shipping your skis and boots ahead of you is the ultimate convenience..."

" prices that are (still) attractively competitive."

Building an industry

Leading the way

Luggage Forward has by far the most experience in this growing industry, but we weren’t the first luggage shipping company. That distinction goes to Virtual Bellhop, a luggage delivery service that was founded in 1997. When Luggage Forward was launched nearly eight years later, we set out to move the industry forward by pushing the limits of technology and service.

In 2009, Luggage Forward began to consolidate the industry and ultimately made eight acquisitions of competing and complementary brands (including Virtual Bellhop!). Subsequently, Luggage Forward was named to the Inc 500|5000 list for four consecutive years, ranked as the #9 fastest growing privately held travel company in the United States in 2012.

Rapid organic growth and industry consolidation have resulted in a leadership position and scale that allows for better pricing, better infrastructure, and better results for every shipment. Luggage Forward continues to lead the way with continuous technology innovation geared toward delivering an even better travel experience.

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Luggage shipping reviews

We have the best clients in the world. Using an independent third-party review site, we gather feedback to see how we're doing. Read what these real users have to say about their experience shipping luggage with Luggage Forward.


Ship everything you need on your trip

Ship luggage and more

Shipping luggage with Luggage Forward is the easiest, most reliable and least expensive way to send luggage to your destination. But we can send more than just luggage...we ship golf clubs, skis, snowboards, bikes and more!

Ship golf clubs

Have your clubs waiting for you at the course with guaranteed golf club shipping.

Ship Skis & Snowboards

Don't haul bulky ski gear to the airport, lighten your load by shipping skis.

Ship to a cruise

Send bags right to your stateroom on any cruise ship with our cruise luggage valet.

Ship a bike

Avoid airport hassle and oversize checked bag fees when you ship a bike.

How we built the best luggage shipping company

We believe that there is a single best way to do everything. This philosophy runs deep in our corporate culture and drives everything we do. Once you book your shipment with Luggage Forward, our proprietary, rules-based algorithms begin to manage your shipment. The best logistics provider is selected based on historical reliability from your specific origin to your destination. Then your doorstep luggage pickup is automatically dispatched and monitored.

Once your bags are underway, our predictive tracking logic anticipates where your luggage should be throughout its journey and alerts our staff of any abnormality. If you are shipping luggage internationally, our electronic Customs management system identifies and submits all required forms on your behalf. Once delivery is confirmed at your destination, you’ll receive a notification to let you know that your bags are awaiting your arrival at your destination.

By the time your luggage has been delivered, our system will have algorithmically monitored up to 164 different aspects of your shipment in real time. The reliability of this process allows us to include the world’s first full money back plus $500 on-time guarantee for every bag we ship. Because we’ve automated every aspect of the shipping and Customs process, we have more time to answer your questions and give you the personal attention that you deserve.

There is a best way to get your luggage and sports equipment to your destination, which is to ship your bags ahead. There is a single best way to ship luggage anywhere in the world, and that way is Luggage Forward.