Shipping Luggage – How It Works [INFOGRAPHIC]

The best complement to your vacation is luggage shipping. Why? Well, imagine walking through the airport with just your small carry-on backpack or purse filled with your books, camera, device (hopefully loaded with some good movies!) and some snacks. You can bypass the long check-in lines, hefty baggage fees, waiting at the baggage claim and avoid the worry of lost luggage. You can get off the plane and immediately head to a tour, restaurant, spa, local attraction or the beach! You’re vacation immediately becomes more relaxing and stress-free.

Here at Luggage Forward, we have been shipping luggage for more than a decade and have perfected the method. We make the process of shipping luggage both domestically and internationally easy, convenient and reliable. There is minimal effort needed on your end as we handle the process for you because we believe getting there should be just as easy as being there. Don’t you agree?

Luckily, with us, you can actually sit back, relax and enjoy your flight and feel comfortable knowing your luggage will be awaiting your arrival in your hotel, cruise stateroom, rental property, second home or home exchange.

We can ship to more than 200 countries and territories worldwide and handle the entire Customs process for you so you don’t have to worry about it. Whether you are heading to Italy, Spain, South Africa, Tanzania, Australia, Japan, the Caribbean or virtually any other destination, you can count on us to get your luggage there safely.

We also have the highest caliber guarantee in the industry as well as the best prices. Learn more about how shipping luggage works by reading the infographic below.

Shipping Luggage Infographic:

Shipping Luggage

Doesn’t that look easy? We think so! Now, what are you waiting for? Try our service and see for yourself.

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